Enroll in the Masters in Management of 5 Business Schools in France

With one application through Join a School in France, students can apply to Masters in Management programs offered by 5 prestigious Business Schools:

Why apply through Join a School in France?

Join a School in France, formerly SAI, allow students who will obtain or have obtained a Bachelor degree outside France to apply for the Master in Management in the top 5 Business Schools in France (HEC Paris, ESCP BS, emlyon bs, Audencia BS, Skema BS)
Our strengths:
  • only one application for 5 Business Schools and one interview
  • all the information you need to make your choice: our team will assist you during the selection process and the Schools representatives will answer all your questions if you are eligible
  • a face to face interview in your country

Briefly, if you want to apply for one school, contact directly that school. If you want to apply for at least 2 schools, apply through Join a School in France to save time and money.


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