Tips about scholarships

We recommend that you start your application through Join a School in France before applying for a scholarship. Scholarships are granted only if you are accepted into a higher education establishment and enroll into one of their programs. After starting your application through Join a School in France, you can look into different scholarships.
Getting an answer for your scholarship can take some time, so we suggest that you apply early on, to the schools through Join a School in France, and for the scholarships. That way, if there is any problem or delay, you have enough time to get back on your feet.
You can obtain more than one scholarship: some of them may be combined.

Europe and Foreign Affairs Ministry’s scholarships:
  • French Embassies in foreign countries grant scholarships to deserving students. For example, the French Embassy in New Delhi offers scholarships to deserving Indian students who want to pursue an education in France.
  • Specific Programs scholarships are granted, depending on the Ministry’s services in Paris
  • The Eiffel Excellency Scholarship helps finance a Master’s degree. The school in which you will study for your Master’s degree has to fill in the application for this, not the student.
  • Excellency-Major Scholarship is granted to the best students from a foreign country (who studied in a French establishment of education abroad).
The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • The French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation gives out scholarships to foreign students in France, depending on their nationality or social status.
  • You can contact your country’s Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. They also grant scholarships to students who want to study abroad.
International institutions and foundations can also give out scholarships, like the United Nations, UNESCO… 

Erasmus scholarships are for European students wanting to study in another European country. You cannot apply directly: you have to ask your University’s International Relations Service for an application.
The Francophone University Agency gives scholarships to students enrolled in one of FUA’s member schools. ESCP Europe is one of them.
Campus France has a detailed list of scholarships that can be granted, depending on your study field, or your nationality or other criteria. Here is a link to their website:

Some schools can grant scholarships to their students, so you may contact your future school to know more about those. 30% of our admitted students receive a scholarship from the schools.