How does the interview process work?

Join a School in France international interviews are organized 4 times per year and they take place in the partner centers around the world. The alumnus or the partner who is available and who wants to participate as a jury member is invited to meet several candidates in his/her city to evaluate them on their personality, motivation, career project, hobbies and their general culture.

Before the interviews, the jury member will receive an official invitation that will contain:

  • The date
  • The time period
  • The location place (French Embassy, French Institute, Campus France, Chamber of Commerce…)
  • The referent contact at the partner center
  • The referent contact at Join a School in France
  • The list of all the candidates that he/she will meet
  • The résumé and the motivation questions of each candidate (to better prepare the interviews)
  • The role that he/she will take within the board of jurors (President or examiner)
  • The guide for the jury members (to know more about the process)
  • The evaluation grids that he/she will have to fill out the day-d for each candidate (to know the evaluation criteria)


During the face-to-face interviews, the board of jurors is composed of at least two jurors. The partner center welcomes the two or three jury members and invites them to settle in the interview room with the evaluation grids printed for them.

Regarding some specific circumstances, Join a School in France may organizes online interviews through several video conference tools depending on the jury member preference (Skype, Zoom, Line or WeChat).

The process stills the same except that there is no welcoming partner center. Moreover, Join a School includes all the Skype and other tools IDs of all the candidates.

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