How to apply?

  1. The application is entirely online. Once you create an online application, you can save and come back to it later.
    tips on preparing your application  

  2. You will be asked to upload the following documents to your application:

More information regarding the documents by clicking here: 
  1. Another key aspect of the application are the motivation questions. Your answers to these questions will carefully be read by the Schools to assess your motivation and your professional project. Questions are brief (500 characters each) but take time to thoroughly think about and detail your answers.

    Keep in mind that you can go ahead and start uploading your documents and then answer the questions later. We encourage you to upload each of your documents as soon as they are ready, so that we have enough time to verify for you that they are acceptable.

  2. To finalize your application, you will have to pay 200€ processing fee which is to be made online via the present link. You must also generate and upload the proof of payment to the rest of your application documents.

Now, you can start your application here: